Wesley Golden Jubilee

To God be the Glory

Bishop: Put Our Household in Order

Bishop Rev. Dr. Hwa Yung preached the message, “To Spread Scriptural Holiness over the Land” during the evening service of Wesley Methodist Church on 4 May. In his sermon, the bishop said that holiness is a theme that runs through the entire Bible. The root word of “holy” means “different”. Therefore, holiness is to be different in a positive way. During the first few centuries, people saw that Christians were different with changed lives and love for others.

Can Christianity, when effectively proclaimed and properly practiced, bring about social change? It is possible, as a top social science think tank in China admits that the heart of the country’s success is Christianity.

Why did God put the Methodist church in this country? The bishop emphasized that this was a question we needed to ask ourselves. The church has done much over the past years, contributing in areas such as schools and social outreach. Despite that, there is still much to be done as tremendous opportunities open up everyday.

Some may wonder what we can do, as we are small in number. The bishop, however, reminded us that it is not the number; it is the quality of life that counts. According to a leading sociologist, if 2% of people begin to live differently, an entire culture can be changed.

If we want to cause change, we must put our household in order and correct our life. We say government officials are corrupt. Are we, too, corrupted? Do we truly love our neighbours, eg. Malays and Bumiputras, and treat them as equals?

We need to put our household in order and make a commitment to obey God. How many parents are willing to obey God and give their children for the gospel? As for the young people, if God calls, do not wait. Many spiritual revivals around the world have been started because young people obeyed the call of God. If you are older, then you should get down and pray. (Joy)


June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Celebrations

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